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Cooking with the Best Chefs

We have divided our various groups into two categories...People and Activities.
If you request to be placed on a email list, please specify Chicago Area, Rockford Area, or Both.



We're partnering with "Never let Go," a group that holds events for married, engaged and other couples. We're organizing new events and "couples cooking" hands-on classes. If you're interested in learning more, email with your name, phone and "couples" in your message. Specify whether you wish to be placed on Chicago Area, Rockford Area, or both email lists. 

Cooking for 1-2 Persons
We've been producing cooking classes for a long time and have often assisted those who need recipes reduced for smaller portions and cooking for 1-2 persons. Many times as we grow older or our kids have moved, or we find ourselves living alone, we think that we should only cook for groups. Celebrate your own life! If you don't ant to cook for one meal...don't! Cook for 2-3 persons and freeze another portion or two. You'll be glad you created a convenient meal or two for yourself on another day. Its also a nice way of helping a neighbor.

We offer kids classes every season at each of our locations. Once or twice each year we even have a "Kids Who Want to Become Chefs" class which is three hours long but costs the same as our other kids classes. We don't have an age limit...usually kids are 5-18. Parents are required to register themselves and their children and must attendclass with their children. This summer we're planning six classes on weekends for the price of five. The minimum registration for the summer season is three classes. If you'd like to be placed on our KIDS email list, email with your name, phone and "KIds" in your message. Also, let us know what you'd like to learn! Specify whether you wish to be placed on the Chicago Area, Rockford Area, or both email lists.

We've been asked to create cooking and baking classes for teens, ages 13-19. An adult 18+ must accompany any teen under 17. If we get enough interest, we'll be happy to schedule teen classes. Email 
chef@bestchefs with a message that says, "Teens" and include your name, phone, and what dishes or cuisines you're interested in learning. Specify whether you wish to be placed on the Chicago Area, Rockford Area, or both email lists.

We've had some great singles cooking classes! Singles usually come early and order a drink. Nametags are provided and after class a social hour is held with more drinking and talking. Some of our locations feature live music. We're beginning to schedule monthly events for singles featuring tie-ins with liquor and beer producers where we can have our own party, on weekends,  with music and entertainment...and great food! If you'd like to be placed on our Singles email list, email your name, email address, and phone number in the message area, and place "add to Singles" in the subject area. Email to Specify whether you wish to be placed on the Chicago Area Singles, Rockford Area Singles, or both Singles email lists.

GLBT Classes and Events
We've had members and the public ask about classes for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. This is a new group, and we're happy to provide fun classes and events. If you'd like to be placed on our GLBT email list, email your name and email address. Also in the message area, include "add to GLBT." All classes will be held in Chicago. Email All of our email lists and information are confidential.


Dining Out!
Dining Out! is new. If you enjoy trying out new restaurants and would enjoy being part of a "non-stuffy" fun group who enjoy talking about good food, and wine, than you should give us a try. This is not a certain age group, or singles or couples...its for everybody and anybody.

We're interested in those who will commit to a planned date and time where we'll all meet at a selected restaurant. We order off the menu and pay our own check and gratuity. There is no charge for this activity. As the group gets to know each other, we may even begin to carpool into the city or the burbs.  Email with your name, phone number and "Dining Out!" to get on the email list.

Day Trips
We arrange day trips to ethnic markets, food manufacturers, wine vintners, local food festivals, and farms, including a great lunch or dinner. We also schedule mushroom hunts with a professional in the spring and fall months. Email your name, phone number and "Day Trips" to if you're interested in learning about new trips.

Mushroom Hunts & Festivals
For years we've taken hundreds on first class coaches to Morel Festivals in Illinois and Wisconsin. We have a growing email list of mushroom enthusiasts, and hold mushroom hunts in IL and WI. Our forays are always "led by a mushroom professional or followed by an ambulance."  We have a reliable expert with us on every mushroom event, and stop for lunch on the way and/or dinner on the way back. Dress is quite casual and the spirit is fun! Email to be added to our Shroomer Email List.

Restaurant Tours
Every three months we board a coach and go to four restaurants. A taste of five appetizers at the first restaurant, an entree and side at the middle two restaurants, and a tasting of three desserts at the fourth. A minimum of one alcoholic drink from the cash bar at each restaurant is required. In the spring and summer, we go to Chicago restaurants; in the fall, we go to north-west suburban restaurants; and west and south suburban restaurants in the winter. Email with your name, "Rest. Tours" and phone number, to learn of the next tour!

USA Regional Weekend Cooking Trips
If you enjoy cooking and want to learn from some of the best chefs in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, then you may be interested in our newest travel experience. We'll take 8-15 persons on a Thursday Afternoon through Sunday Evening event. We'll arrive on a Thursday evening for a cocktail party at our hotel to meet the three chefs who will teach us. On Friday, Sat., and Sun., we'll learn 5-7 local dishes at a different restaurant from the executive chef or chef-owner. We'll go back to the same restaurant that evening for dinner (not included). We'll also take a culinary side trip or visit a local winery.
   A survey will be available soon listing various choices. The locations and dates will be announced. Trip cost will include airfare, hotel, cooking classes, side trip and transportation to and from airport and classes. Cost will fall around $800-900 per member. Email with your name, phone number and "USA Reg. Trips," and we'll send you a survey with various locations, and let you know each time a trip is planned.

Wine Dinners
Our wine dinners are great fun but are organized so you learn about each wine paired with each course. A placecard seats you and your guests at your own table, or enjoy meeting new friends. Some of our wine dinners involve family owners and winemakers, while others feature one of the vintners or representatives. Our wine dinners are 5-6 courses and run $50-65 for members. Email with your name, phone number and "wine dinners" for the latest info.