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Millions of Chicagoans, living in the City or one of its 152 suburbs, have a profound love for food and drink. An overstatement? Not if you lived here! We love our fine dining restaurants, and wine bars. And our favorite clubs with the finest and newest cocktails. We also appreciate and support specialty markets, farmer coops, and local food producers and manufacturers. Our readers want the freshest and best ingredients to cook with at home. Our magazine is for these readers throughout Northern Illinois, who love good food and drink, and all that is related to dining, cooking and homelife. A list of areas of interest we'll cover in our first year is below. We'll make changes as we grow, and expand the areas we find most important to our readers.


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  • Update: Newest Dishes in the Restaurants
  • Update: Food & Produce Growers
  • Update: New Food Products at Grocers
  • Update: What's Hot at Meat & Seafood Markets
  • Update: Chicago Area Culinary Events
  • Update: Chicago Area Wine & Spirit Events 


  • Beer, Liquors & Liqueurs Page, local columnists
  • Charity Chefs
  • Chefs on the Move
  • Chocolate Page, Local and national colmunists
  • Cookbook & Video Reviews
  • Cooking for Singles & Pairs
  • Cooking for a Busy Work Week
  • Cooking with Kids - Kids Page
  • Dream Kitchens
  • Food Festivals - Local
  • Food Festivals - Out-of-State and International
  • Grilling Year 'Round, local columnists
  • Healthy Cooking: Diabetic, Heart Healthy, Low Colesterol, & Low Fat
  • New Beers, Liquors & Liqueurs
  • New Cookware & Gadgets
  • New Dinnerware & Silverware
  • New Kitchen Appliances
  • Pass the Plate, Bill Lavery, columnist
  • Restaurant Page - Casual Dining
  • Restaurant Page - Chicago Area Fine Dining
  • Restaurant Page - Out-of-State
  • Seafood Page, local & national columnists
  • Sharing Nostalgia Foods with Baby Boomers 
  • Social Page - Local food & beverage goings on with pics
  • Wine Page, local columnist
  • Restaurant Openings/Closings, Etc. 


  • Food Safety
  • Culinary Links
  • Culinary Jobs
  • Wine and Vintner Links
  • Where to Buy the Best throughout Chicagoland: produce, meats, poultry, seafood, spices, ethnic markets, and gourmet and unusual food products. 



2012 FALL (November & December): HOLIDAY BUYING GUIDE will feature foods, beverages, cookware and cooking utensils, and kitchen appliances; Food Ideas for Gift Giving; New Wines, Beers and Beverages; and visting Favorites and New Chicago Area Restaurants opening during the Holidays.

2013 WINTER (January, February & March): Winter Vegetables and their Comfort Foods; Fondue Skills; Kitchen Redesign; Winter Buyer's Guide, and New Chicago and Suburban Restaurants.

2013 SPRING (April, May & June): What's new in Kitchen Appliances, Bakeware, Cookware and Gadgets; Bill's Favorite Kitchenware; Spring Buyer's Guide, and Getting Ready for Outdoor Marinating and Grilling.

2013 SUMMER (July, August & September): Farmers Markets throughout N IL; Local Berry, Egg & Honey Farms; Weekend Jaunts for Fruits and Vegetables; Summer Buyer's Guide, and Summer Drinks for Entertaining.


RATE SCHEDULE is one of the oldest food and wine club websites in the Midwest. We do not have an audited circulation and our rates for and are a great value for national, regional or local advertisers. We average 4,000-5,000 food and wine viewers monthly at, and represent a history as the area's leader in cooking classes, and culinary and wine events for the past 20 years. As we grow, advertising will be based upon CPM, but for now represent a great advertising buy for even small businesses. 


These rates reflect specific ad sizes. Combo buys and discounts in conjunction with Cooking with the Best Chefs class and event sponsorships, and website ads are also available. Contact Bill Lavery 224.353.3300 for assistance.

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Annual advertisers benefit if contract is signed for 12 months. Annual advertisers will receive a second ad the same size on a different page, or a "flipover" ad the same size on the same page, at no additional cost. Special discounts are available for advertisers wishing placement on various pages.

Ad Production for any of the above ads with one revision $50 per ad




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When purchased in combination with any size online ad:

1x4" quarterly class and event schedule color ad, one location 5,000 copies $200

Co-Sponsor of a cooking class at one of the Chicago locations and/or Rockford $200 

Payment must accompany order. Chicago Food & Beverage is published quarterly online at and linked to and is owned and managed by The Lavery Company, William A. Lavery, Publisher & Editor, 3323 W. Addison St., Unit B14, Chicago, IL 60618-4303 USA. Email news and jpg or gif photo files to: Telephone 224.353.3300. Some features such as cookbook and video reviews, and wine and other beverages, are added on a weekly basis as submitted by reviewers. Contact Bill Lavery to place advertising or for co-sponsorships.